Why am I not receiving staking rewards for my coins even after 24 hours?

    Make sure your wallet is synchronized to the Bsgcoin network. You can verify this by seeing the green check mark in the bottom righthand corner of your wallet.

    After 24 hours of qualification period, the interest reward received depends on the staking difficulty of the Bsgcoin network. If you have a low amount of Bsgcoin staking then it will take longer to receive your staking reward. You can have more often block payouts with the increased amount of coins you stake.

    Do not keep small amounts distributed in different addresses in your wallet. You can have rewards more often by keeping all your coins in one Bsgcoin address.

    If you send any transactions from your wallet, it will reset your staking age time to 0 hour. You will require to wait another 24 hours to mature again and qualify for staking reward.

    After 24 hours of your qualification period, your wallet must be unlocked to receive the staking reward.