How to get started staking Bsgcoin?

To stake Bsgcoin (BSG) you must have matured (Minimum Stake Age is 24 hours) BSG in your Bsgcoin-qt wallet.

  1. Download the Bsgcoin-qt wallet from here or from Github Release
          (You may need to whitelist the wallet in your antivirus)
  2. Unzip and run Bsgcoin-qt.exe
  3. Once open, the wallet will begin synchronizing to the blockchain, you can check the wallets progress in the bottom righthand corner.
  4. Unlock your wallet by clicking on settings and unlock wallet if you set passphrase earlier
  5. Once your coins have matured (24 hours) and you have synced to the blockchain you will be able to see that you are staking by moving the mouse cursor over the grey axicon (or Bsgcoin logo icon) in the bottom right of the wallet.

  • Wallet lock is not necessary for staking but it will give extra security to your coin
  • Every time you send coins to another address, the 24 hours coin age resets.
  • Less coins can take a longer time to mint but the reward will continue to accrue.
  • The wallet says “Not Staking Because You Don't Have Mature Coins” means your coins must be held for about 24 hours to qualify for staking rewards.
  • If you encrypt or lock your wallet.It is important to remember your password or your coins will be lost. (Please write down your password somewhere safe.)
  • Before your coins begin staking, make sure your wallet is fully synchronized with bsgcoin network.