How to setup a Masternode on Ubuntu VPS

This guide will assist you in setting up a Masternode on Ubuntu VPS.


  • 5,000 BSG coins
  • A VPS running Ubuntu (we suggest hiring a small Ubuntu VPS for a fee of € 2.79 per month in )
  • A SSH client such as Putty


Install Bsgcoin on your Ubuntu VPS

  • If you install Bsgcoin on your VPS with Ubuntu version 14.04, you can read install guide here.
  • If you install Bsgcoin on your VPS with Ubuntu version 16.04, you can read install guide here.

Wait your Bsgcoin wallet to synchronize with Bsgcoin network (this can take several hours depending on the speed of your internet connection and our network resources).


Install your Masternode

After your Bsgcoin wallet is synchronized with Bsgcoin network, please follow the steps below to install your Masternode:

  1. Log in your VPS by Putty client.
  2. Get your Bsgcoin address for masternode:
    • ./bsgcoind getaddressesbyaccount "YOUR-RPC-USERNAME"
    • Save this address for using later, it looks like: "YOUR-BSGCOIN-ADDRESS"
  3. Send 5000 Bsgcoin exactly to this address.
    • You can use your Bsgcoins, which is mined before.
    • Or you can buy Bsgcoins in our exchange.
  4. Wait for 10 confirmations. It will take about 30 minutes.
  5. In your VPS, get your masternode privkey:
    • ./bsgcoind masternode genkey
    • Save this genkey (masternode privkey) for using later, it looks like: YOUR-MASTERNODE-PRIVKEY
  6. Get your masternode outputs:
    • ./bsgcoind masternode outputs
    • Save this masternode outputs for using later, it looks like: "YOUR-MASTERNODE-OUTPUTS" : "0"
  7. Stop Bsgcoin for Masternode configuration:
    • ./bsgcoind stop
    • nano .bsgcoin/bsgcoin.conf        # Add these lines for your bsgcoin.conf :
      • listen=1
      • masternode=1
      • masternodeaddr=YOUR-VPS-IP:36368
      • masternodeprivkey=YOUR-MASTERNODE-PRIVKEY
    • Ctrl+X to save and exit bsgcoin.conf.
    • nano .bsgcoin/masternode.conf       # Add this line for your masternode.conf :
      • If your masternode outputs is number "1", please replace 0 by 1 .
    • Ctrl+X to save and exit masternode.conf.
  8. Run Bsgcoin and check your masternode status.
    • ./bsgcoind -daemon
    • ./bsgcoind masternode status
    • If config Masternode is true, it has the form :
      •     "vin" : "CTxIn(COutPoint(1a2b3c4d5e, 0), scriptSig=)",
      •     "service" : "YOUR-VPS-IP:36368",
      •     "status" : 1,
      •     "pubkey" : "YOUR-BSGCOIN-ADDRESS",
      •     "notCapableReason" : ""

Congratulations! Your masternode is active and you will receive your reward for it.