How to setup a Masternode on Windows VPS

This guide will assist you in setting up a Masternode on Windows VPS.


  • 5,000 BSG coins
  • A VPS running Windows (we suggest hiring a small Windows VPS for a fee of € 6.5 per month in )


Install Bsgcoin on your Windows VPS

  • You can read install guide here.

Wait your Bsgcoin wallet to synchronize with Bsgcoin network (this can take several hours depending on the speed of your internet connection and our network resources).


Install your Masternode

After your Bsgcoin wallet is synchronized with Bsgcoin network, please follow the steps below to install your Masternode:

  1. Run bsgcoin-qt.exe
  2. Go to Console of Debug window: click Help -> Debug window -> Console
  3. Type: getaccountaddress masternode
    • It’s your masternode address, copy it to notepad, you should send exactly 5000 Bsgcoin to that address
  4. Type: masternode genkey
    • YOUR-MASTERNODE-PRIVKEY, copy that key to notepad, you will need it later
  5. Close debug console. On the left menu of wallet application, click Receive
    • NOTE: It’s sample addresses. Don’t sent here! Send to your addresses
  6. SEND 5001 Bsgcoin or more from exchange to first address labeled as “(no label)”
  7. When coins come and you can see it in your wallet - send 5000 Bsgcoin exactly to address labeled as “masternode” (exactly 5000 coins, don’t try to send coins from exchange to “masternode” address directly. You will unable to send exactly 5000 from exchange).
  8. Wait for 10 confirmations. It will take about 30 minutes. Go to Console of Debug window: click Help -> Debug window -> Console
  9. Type: masternode outputs
    • Copy text only to notepad without quotes and brackets. It will be YOUR-OUTPUT-TXID and YOUR-OUTPUT-INDEX 
  10. Quit wallet application. Open File Manager. Go to C:\Users\[Your-UserID]\AppData\Roaming\Bsgcoin . Open bsgcoin.conf by notepad, add this config:
    • rpcuser=masternode
    • rpcpassword=YOUR-RPC-PASSWORD
    • rpcport=36369
    • rpcallowip=
    • listen=1
    • server=1
    • staking=0
    • masternode=1
    • masternodeaddr=YOUR-VPS-IP:36368
    • masternodeprivkey=YOUR-MASTERNODE-PRIVKEY
  11. Save and close bsgcoin.conf .
  12. By notepad, open new file, add below line:
  13. Save it with name : masternode.conf in location C:\Users\[Your-UserID]\AppData\Roaming\Bsgcoin
  14. Run bsgcoin-qt.exe again. On the left menu of wallet application, click Masternodes , then click Start All

Congratulations! Your masternode is running and you will receive your reward for it.